Banking, BB&T

It is getting bad... For my lifestyle

Time frame, recession, businesses closing, loans foreclosing, credit card debt. Bill collectors taking anything you can give them, but not BB&T. I am sure you could tell me, I should have./.? However, I have had this account for so long, it disappoints me to let it go, but you know I know the deal.

I went to the bank today, a BB&T bank to cash a $30, third party check. The cashier told me they could not do it because my account was already $30 dollar overdrawn, as a matter of fact, $31.

I figured $12, over the past three months, at the most, but $31, I was shocked. I asked why and the cashier very discreetly went down a list of services charges. I thought, after all these years. She asked, what did I want to do with the check? Of course I said give it back.

I have had a lot of banking accounts, but never one like this Bank. I might have been a bit late, but I have always paid my service charges. It has never been more than $12 or so. No, I would not pay $30 for miscellaneous service charges to maintain a checking account with no activity? They don't do anything, no checks to process. Just paying for a spot, just in case I want to use it.

I am not angry, but it just doesn't make sense to me. Looks like every bank would want those kind of accounts, especially with the way our economy is. I would think a bank would be happy to get $3 a month from anybody, to make everybody. I guest not from me? I don't know, just seems crazy, any kind of account! A dollar from everybody or a million dollars from one person, dead or alive? BB&T, just my thinking.

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