Banker, why are you seeking government funding?

Have you paid your debts? Your monthly installments? Are your payments late? Are they behind? Payment ballooning? Predatory lending?

Banks who make safe secure investments, did you know about the financial crisis before it was a crisis. What is your credit score? Credit counseling! Consolidation! Quite begging and do something. Get a second job. Pawn something. Just like you tell us. You gone have to do something of else?

Are you going to report your financial situation to a third party? Have you reported yourself to the credit bureau?

From Whom are we borrowing money? The Chinese? To whom do we want to sell? The Japanese? What are they going to do now that you have failed to pay?

Taxpayers have no jobs, health care...can not afford to pay? We are looking for a tax cut? Reckon there is such a thing as debt forgiveness, credit forgiveness?

It ain't your bank as much as it is your banker. Wording. Banker, it is not really your bank anyhow, nor is it your money. What incentive do you have to be honest? Safe and secure, how can you be, when the Feds aren't?

If you have money, then pay the national debt. If you make such great sound investments, then....

All I see from you is more corruption. Thanks to you, I am debt free! Reckon I can open a new account now, so you can invest my money?

One red blooded American to another, would you throw me out of my house because I fail sick or lost my job? Would you cut off my life sustaining utilities? What about my grandma?

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