Barack and Jeremiah

A change

Barack is no Preacher and Jeremiah is no Politician.

Barack, please do not publicly denounce nor distance yourself from any American. Do not allow what the media says, about any person, to cause you to form an opinion, especially a negative one. This is how we got into Iraq. Investigate for yourself and come to your own conclusion. Your job is to protect us all.

Jeremiah, you are a very wise and honorable man. I can imagine how it feels to be verbally attacked, denounced and singled out, especially by a presidential candidate and the media. The confusion and chaos, I can imagine how it affects those around you, especially love ones. I know you are sick and tired of your words being twisted and taken out of context. It is almost as though the world is saying, you are a crazy dangerous man. But I truly believe Barack is under pressure, like never before and may be led to believe what you do or say, affects his campaign efforts. Give him your blessings, no matter how much he distances or denounces you, A bitter pill is hard to swallow, but it must be done.

Both are very talented, caring and peaceful men who want the best for this country and there is no evidence to say other wise.

Bottom line, people believe what they want. What is done in darkness comes to the light.

Remember, “The Change”, We must work together in order to meet the needs of our country. Peace at all cost and peace will prevail. Stand for what you believe and allow room for the next guy.

Dispel it by coming together on the same platform and show us you both share the same concerns and that is, “A Change”.

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