2008 Presidential Race

McCain challenges Obama to physical contest

Barack Obama and John McCain came together, in an effort to spare this economy, by bringing their campaigns to an immediate end. They agreed they had enough of all the fancy talk, debates, polls, who's scared of who and soliciting funds. That they needed to settle the bid for President once and for all, ASAP!

So, being the super competitor he is and having all the experience, McCain challenged Obama to a physical contest.

It was the perfect opportunity for both candidates to get the knock out punch they had been looking for and to show Americans who was the best man. McCain asked Obama, What would it be. Obama thinking and not being so violent, asked McCain if he could dance. John, taken a bit aback thought, that man, being African-American, might have a slight advantage. Obama quickly explained about his roots from Kenya and all.

McCain agreed, under these conditions: It has to be a song by a popular American artist that is well respected by all races and the winner takes all. They agreed and John asked, What artist do you want?

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Photo taken during the event

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