Beating a Man at his Game

Ever ask yourself why we never win shit?

Why the harder we play, the worse it gets?

How do you beat a man at his own game? A thuggish Behavior.

SOME find it hard to suppress their egos, especially in the presence of others. They want to have their cake and eat it too, without thinking of the consequences. They lose all sense of reality and all they can see is enthusiastically winning that prize. Yet, when the roles are reversed, they rebel, becoming even more insecure. Watch your words, when does the beating stop?

What are the rewards? Is he making the rules? Is he cheating? Is he making progress? Now, that you won, you don’t know what to do? Why do you want what one man has more than you want what you have? If he abuses what he has, he is going to lose it- thuggish behavior.

If a man jumps off a cliff would you? Must you play his game in order to win? Does the creator of any good thing ever lose? How can he?

Feeling neglected and annoyed will always be the result? So how do you play the game so everyone wins?

Snap out of it,,,,why allow your ego to beat you, to get the best of you...Two wrongs never made a right, why beat anyone? You will end up having to beat someone all the time, ask Mohamed Ali? If you can’t work together with them, then leave there asses alone. How do you beat a man at his own game,,, Don’t play and watch him beat his fucking self?

(((what about your inner voice)))

Americans will never change

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