Beating Disease With Nutrition

"I'm sorry, but you have lung cancer." What's next, cut, poison and burn. Surgery, Chemo and Radiation!

These words from any doctor will introduce fear into the heart of any person.

What is cyberknife?

The good news is supportive nutrition therapy can significantly increase a patients' quality and length of life and improve their chances for complete recovery.

Even Better news, a healthy lifestyle that includes a wholesome diet, sufficient exercise, positive attitude and toxin avoidance can prevent up to 90 percent of diseases. Not to replace Conventional medicine, but to supplement.

Now for the bad news. Conventional medicine does not have a high success rate with disease. By the turn of this century, disease will be the leading cause of death in America.

For dinner today, I had Baked chicken with Banana Stuffing and a bowl of homemade vegetable beef soup. I pray it was as healthy as it was good.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Knowledge is power.

Health Care and Healing

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