Being a real person

Being the real person I was born to be is a hard job. I was divinely and uniquely designed by nature with a distinct purpose, which I can only know, if I stay on track.

Identity is becoming one real concern-- personal information, race, sex, gender. First there is stealing it and then there altering it. False information, what does that mean? Then we complain about clit cutters? This has nothing to do with health problems; one would be a fool to criticize that.

Don't know quite what to expect any more? Getting harder to know a woman from a man? Does it really change what is going on?

Saggin? Perverted acts, uniforms, tribes, cannibals, Predator, and prey? Is my fool plan working? This should ease the pain. I welcome traditions, fads and fashions, but don't I really have to think about why? Why do we do this to each other and ourselves? Why not focus on better living?

To hell with the challenge to be that woman or man I was born. To hell with discipline and over-looking my own crazy desires? To hell with how this strengthens me and my people.

Sometimes, I think on third world countries, neck stretchers, bone nose, pointed heads, clit cutters? All we need is another reason to further divide ourselves? If it ain't broke, why fix it?

Don't go there, I wouldn't care if you married a monkey? My desires to be something I am not are so strong. To heck with learning how to work with the real me. I will just give in to my desires and take it upon myself to horn myself into I do not know what?

Knowing that changing my identity changes my destiny and my intended purpose in life, at least in my mine? Talking extremes, if you met yourself, would you know yourself? When asked why we do all these extreme things to ourselves?

I have met several people who thought they were in the wrong body. What comes to mind here are the ones who thought and acted like animals-- a lion, a dog, a horse, even a car. It was shocking, sad and humorous all at the same time. I will confess, watching tv, I liked cowboys and Indians. I used to run around acting like a horse and rider. Alone, I could play all the parts and you could not tell me any different.

Fantasy is healthy within its limits.

They really thought these things and no matter how convincing they were, you wouldn't know if they did not do something to imitate or impersonate. That has it limits and can be illegal. Can you imagine the "car man" on the road-dangerous to who? Do you believe in voodoo or supernatural? It does not matter because my mind is stronger than that. Nobody knows what I am suppose to be nor what I should look like? This is a free world! If I stretch my neck, or other body part that is going to help me help somebody else? Deep down inside, I know being born of African descent was a mistake. So I will paint myself white, get a nose and ass job and expect people to honor and respect the new me. How do I look now? Drastic changes, extreme human make-overs? I bet it all started with false eyelashes and wigs.

Recruits! Now, I have made a stupid person, so I am not lonely, I will recruit other stupid people and encourage them to stretch their necks, first world country to third world. What are missionaries? I will take the advantage; I will test how far I can go before people really learn who or what I really am. Cutting out a clit is serious business. To help with family planning I will neuter myself! The neuter gender.

Recruiting others, I will prey on the weak and confused, just like me, by further confusing things. That is my right. Everybody is born with the little desire to be something they are not and never can be. I am okay, you are okay. They do not understand though I was born African, I was really suppose to be something else? Instead of dedicating my time to the issues at hand, it is better I spend my time wrestling with the craziness inside myself and force acceptance. No shame in my game. It was just something I felt compelled to do. Stealing and killing works the same way and to what good it that? Sexual predators, child molesters. How far will I go? I see a cliff and my mind may suggest flying into its depths. I see a mountain? I see a cave? I see… Any excuse so we can all walk around being confused and stupid-- meaningless, senseless; pointless, troublesome, insane, annoying and irritating; a stupid party. Bullet ants will not make you a man, but providing for a healthy life will. It is a mind thing out of control. Out of control and my body is crying for freedom of expression, but Please do not let me hurt myself?

Together, we can better live.

No limits for self, how does one police self? Where will it stop? A liar and a cheat? One lie leads to the next and the more false I get, the more I want?

Being true to myself? A certain amount of change is acceptable, but too much and we have serious problems. What is "Too much" remains to be seen and so are the consequences. I would rather see you in your own skin practicing discipline and talking about all those crazy superstitions. That will give me strength to stay focused.

I love you for who you are, who you are suppose to be or who you will be next. The real question is who are you really to your self? Why are you not content? What are you covering up? Whose identity are you stealing? Then how can I be content with someone who is not sure who they are?

This has gotten a bit long, but there is a very important lesson to be learned in here: There's a double standard. I hope you get my point. What will you produce? It is hard being a real man or woman. Be true to yourself by living up to and what you were born to be. That should ease the pain. Stay tuned!

Being at peace is accepting self for who you really are, not for who you think you ought to be. Getting your kicks off, you can blow your horn, paint you nails, race your engines, weave new hair, spin your tires, put a bone in your nose and pump the gas; but, you are still not a car.


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