Bike Tech, Macon, Ga

You can buy a bicycle anywhere, but when it comes services, that is a whole nother story.

All done and I am ready for the road, Thanks to Lucious!

No matter the mode of transportation, there are always repairs and adjustments to be made. Often bikes of today are so fast and technical, you need a good technician to make sure repairs are properly made. You buy a helmet but how often do you service your bike, safety First!

As I was preparing my bike for summer riding, I took it by Bike Tech, Macon, Ga. By all the bike commotion, I wasn't sure if people were preparing for summer fun or the current economic conditions. Either way, you will enjoy the services at Bike Tech!

I was particularly impressed by the services provided by one special bike technician and would highly recommend, if you live in the Macon area and want your bike in "top riding order" to drop by and visit Lucious. This gentleman is very knowledgeable and very good at what he does.

When it comes to bicycles, Lucious is the light. With more than 20 years of experience, working on personal and professional bicycles, it is well worth a trip. I don't live nearby, so I schedule my appointments and they are always punctual.

Bike Tech is like having your own bike crew. These guys are good. Great Bike Shop, Bike Tech, Macon GA.

Bikes sales and services!

Bike Tech
3003 Vineville Ave.
Macon, GA.
(478) 741-8356
Bike Tech

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