Birth Control

Most Common Side Effects

To deliberately prevent or reduce the likelihood of pregnancy or childbirth.

Cause for a whole attitudinal change about sex.

Like accidents, Birth Control Methods are so unpredictable, including additional risks and risk factors, medical attention, education and stress, in choosing and maintaining the proper birth control method for you.

Birth Control Methods cause sex and child bearing to be taken less serious.

Risky behavior, without parental involvement, Headache, dizziness, breast tenderness, Nausea, Decreased libido, Mood swings, irreversible, increased blood pressure, bloating, weight gain and ... endless depending on the person.

The right to obtain confidential birth control, then where does the responsibility fall? What is the use in consulting with ones parents, family members or love ones?

It all starts and ends at home, how to be fruitful and multiply?

Birth control help women make the wrong choices in men and life.

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