Black Women and False Hair

Not the first, but the last, not prosperous but poverty.

You know I do a lot of writing here and today my thoughts are on false hair and Black Women, in America. Well, I have had these thoughts for a minute and now Chris Rock has a movie that helps bring this false hair phenomenon to light. Black women will buy other people's hair, but other women do not buy black hair. This has inspired me to share my thoughts.

Why do, especially black women, admire and buy so much false hair?

Why do they put it on their heads?

Why and how do they see that as being more attractive or making them more attractive?

Now, before the movie, I was thinking, Well it is up to the individual and it is great seeing black women with all this false hair to make themselves more attractive to themselves. Then my thoughts were, Is it only black women in America? No, it is not. But it is Black people who live in poverty in America. This false hair thing in America, money wise, has come to be bigger than I could have ever imagined, the money black women in America spend on buying false hair. When blacks in America are so poverty stricken, do not we need some level heads and guidance? There are reasons to be concerned.

I see it as a fad, unique to black women in America, therefore; I am not so concerned about things women in other cultures do. Why is this new false hair fad so addictive to our wonderful poverty stricken black women in America? Must be something they are putting in the hair. May be somebody is saying, you look better with than without.

The false hair money we spend and the return we get for it?

Most of the hair styles take black women from a black look, to something looking like white women. Nothing against white women’s hair, but why do black women go to such extremes to narrow this gap, especially when it is not the other way around? Is it saying that black hair is not attractive?

Why black American women are not being more creative with their own natural hair styles, saying we can make our hair styles just as desirable as any others?

I do not want to pit men against women; I just want to address and bring attention to this one huge false hair business and may be this can be a spark that helps bring about change for more pressing concerns, be it God’s will.

In this hair thing, there is also something about identity, unlike a haircut or style, the image you are seeing and portraying is just as false as the hair on your head. Mistaken identity and confusion, we are narrowing the gap between gay and straight.

Black men and families, we talk about how “good for nothing” most of us are, but black ladies, this false hair crave is not helping things either. What do black men spend money foolishly on? Cars and Women.

A mind thing! Where are we going with this, hair, nails…? I do not want to go too far with this article, but false hair in America is big business and thinking big business, where is the money going and what are they/we getting in return? Where are our priorities and just as we spend in hair, could we not make much better choices?

Attitude, This is my hair.

Wigs, weaves and extensions, I mean are they our goals, are they any part thereof?

I know false hair is not a major problem, but could it be low self-esteem. By now, we can see the power of “what could happen”, if we decided to put the monies spent in hair and nails, in one big pot. It would be much better than the pot it is going in. How many battered spouses, broken homes, children, seniors could we help? Poverty?

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