Black Men

and round plump bottoms

Why do Black men like women with round plump bottoms or big bottoms? I am not sure about that question, because I like what likes me.

Most Black women have round plump bottoms and for a Black man, they come with the territory. However, that feature is not most important about any person, in my opinion.

So really the question is: Why do most black women have round plump bottoms verses white women with low flat bottoms and that answers itself.

Other than the obvious, here are some other interesting and funny answers:

Large buttocks are merely nature's way of dealing with people that live in hot, humid climates. With more skin surface to dissipate heat, one is less prone to overheat??

The same thing occurs with the white race noses, in climates that are cold; the nose is narrower because it prevents the person from inhaling large quantities of cold air thus running the risk of having hypothermia?

Genetics and evolution?

Women use their thick rears to pin down smaller girls during fights??

Simple, our bone structure is different from other races and we can tell where our back stops and bottom starts?


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