Through God Who Strengthens Me


Blind at Fifty-five

25 August 2002, Sunday morning, 9:30 a.m. or so, I got up to change my bed when all of a sudden, I could not see. It was total darkness, no pain, no dizziness, just darkness. I shook my head, while thinking, “What is this, what is happening to me”.

I sat on my sofa, which was next to me, for about five minutes and just like my sight went, it returned. I sat there until I felt a bit more comfortable and got up again to start my laundry, when my sight went out. My eye lids were open, but I could not see. Now, I knew something serious was going on. I felt my way back to my sofa and set down, doing all I could to clear my eyes. I repeatedly closed my eyes and reopen them, but nothing.

I felt my way to my den to call family members. It took a minute, but I managed to dial my sister’s number.

After my sister arrived, she hugged and told me “Everything was going to be alright”. Five minutes later, my son arrived and contacted other family members. I was taken to the emergency room where a blood clot was discovered at the back of my eyes. I was told this blood clot caused me to lose my sight and was released.

The next day, 26 August, I went to my Eye doctor and after examining my eyes, he recommended laser surgery for 27 August. I said ok.

27 August, I had one-day surgery and went home, with what felt like a toothache, except it was my eyes. From that point, I went to the doctor daily for two weeks—No Progress.

Since, I have been scheduled for regular eye appointments and no progress with my eyesight, for over six years now.

Now, through God who strengthens me, I can see. I am still not exactly sure what happened to my sight, but I have grown to the point I can continue my life with minimal assistance.

Today, 2008 at age sixty-one, still physically blind, I feel my condition is behind me, but in many ways I am stronger. Back on track, my dreams are becoming a reality. I have often thought of writing my story, to give me some sense of closure and to inspire others, but the timing had to be right.

I wonder if there are others who are or have gone through the same dilemma? My desire is to reach out to you?

~~~Special Thanks To~~~

Texas Center for the Physically Impaired (TCPI) and

GW Micro (the Software)

"For helping me unleash the power of my mind."

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Thank you,

Bertha Brown
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