Blocking Your Drive

Many take this too lightly, but blocking a drive poses a serious and very dangerous threat to motorist and is a sign of a bad neighbor.

You wake up in the morning, staggering around getting your day started. You look out your window and see a strange vehicle blocking your drive, by approximately two feet. Now, you have had the problem before, especially living near a college or university. You have called the cops and it was more aggravating luring the cops than thinking of something to do for yourself.

Well after all these years, if the students do not adhere to driving rules and good neighbor courtesies, it looks like College Security, faculty and staff would.

I mean, would you half park in your neighbors parking place? Being the good neighbor they claim to be, a prestigious institution for higher education, they would have addressed and resolved this simple good neighbor problem. I mean they are solving more complicated problems, you think this would be a breeze.

All you want to do is bring this systemic parking problem to their attention. Most people will respect and appreciate that over calling the cops. It will also be brought to the attention of others.

This has worked very well for me and I am hoping it works even better after sharing it with you: Take a yellow legal size sheet of paper and in large letters, write the following and tape it to their windshield.

You probably do not realize you were blocking my drive. Then, You probably do not care. It is all about YOU?

Good luck and I hope no one blocks your drive any more, especially from an institution of higher learning.((*_*))

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