Body Obsession

Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Body Obsession or Body Dysmorphic/Dimorphic Disorder - A pathological preoccupation with an imagined or slight physical defect of one's body to the point of causing significant stress or behavioral impairment in several areas (as work and personal relationships.

Where is your beauty, is it inside or out?

Concerned about the way you look, your body imagine? Are you dissatisfied with the way you look? Has the way you look taken over your life? Is it keeping you from doing what you know you need to do?

Who sets the standards?

How important is outward appearance?

Does outward appearance make you a more productive person?

What about our youth? Are we encouraging them into something that will lead to their demise, a false sense of security and shaky confidence? Does outward appearance really make you a better person? Do you feel more desirable? Does it make you more accepted?

Can body obsessed adults and youth handle the attention we give to outward appearance?

What about beauty and its commercial aspects? Is this the real reason we push outward appearance so hard?

It is my body and I can do what I want. Doing what you want will get you in more trouble than you want to be in. Body obsession also leads to a high risk of suicide.

You can not see your own physical beauty, that can only be done with the aid of a mirror or through someone else’s eyes and for some, that poses serious problems. The question is, what do they know.

An obsession turns into an addition.

Most of us wish we could change some part of our physical appearance, but adults and children obsessed with body image or physical beauty are driving themselves to disaster and are in for a rude awakening. You had better take a quick photo and keep it for old time sakes, for tomorrow is a new day and a new fad.

Mature adults want to look their best but know we will never be perfect and the second you think you are, then in steps "better looking". It is better to give a compliment than take the challenge.

Being concerned about the way you look is one thing but when the way you look has consumed your life...there is a reason for concern.

Know the difference, phony versus reality, job versus life. The more beautiful YOU think you are, the less attractive you become to yourself. Get over it. Live healthy, happy and share.

Take time and learn to recognize the beauty within you. Use that beauty to help others.

Happiness lives in the spirit, not on the surface. Be very careful about defining yourself in accordance with the ugliness you think you see in the mirror or the beauty the next person think they see "on" you.

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