Pulling you up by the bootstrap?

What good does it do to talk with people who are already up? They do not have any problems at least that they can see?

So let us think about our economy as an individual effort, there are “them” and there is “us”?

I am constantly asking myself what else can I do to help myself and others? Why, is that what is needed? Do you see all the people struggling like hell and do not know what to do? Why are we making all the wrong decisions? Generation after generation why does not our lives change for the better, not just for a mighty few, but for the whole?

A good friend of mine mentioned putting a voice behind these words. Anybody who knows me, know how dedicated and serious I am about sharing knowledge – Inspiration, Spirituality and Income.

Could not we learn a lot from each other or do we just keep talking about how bad it is? I was told that people want to see change, but they just do not want to do it? How much better would our country be if everyone could see some light at the end of their tunnel?

I think on the “thems” of our society and their attitudes, could not they make hope a much easier and simpler thing to do? Why do we make shit so complicated? Yet, we think it ought to be easy to pull yourself up by the bootstrap? It seems every foreign people can come in and take advantage of our free market economy, but not Americans? Why is that? We seem to think every American has got it going on and if not, it is because they are too lazy or so? What is wrong with that picture? Do not we have any say so about what happens here?

Do you really know how hard it is to get higher education, especially if it has never been a part of your family? That’s another, “family”? Why not are we able to do a much better job at the most important level of any society - family?

Community, why not down home, pull together communities. Instead of all these fancy developments? Why not promote communities that prosper based on comradery? What interests or activities do we share? "A friend or companion", "colleague", or "ally", where is that community? Where is the example for others to follow, before it is too late? Are we that divided?

So what does all that say about pulling yourself up by the bootstrap?

Where happened to the spirit of entreprenuership and innovation?

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