Brand name attached

Is that crazy or what? ten dollars is ten dollars!

What kind of brand name do you want attached to your products and services?

I hear if you advertise with a crazy company, whatever you are advertising automatically takes on that kind of brand, which in this case would be crazy.

Is that true? Is your brand too good for the crazy people? Do we use people who have made some kind of major accomplishment to trick, influenze, to cause the rest of us crazy people to deliver the desired behavior, in this case to buy crazy products and services we do not need? Is that crazy or what? Exactly, where and who are all the sane people?

21 preists suspended for bad behavior! A holier than thou attitude.

We are all a lot crazy aren't we? The crazy thing about it all is, we think we have figured it out when the only thing we have figured out is how to get money out of your pocket.

In Lowe's the other day, one cashier lamented to how costly things have gotten. I responded by saying if you did not buy them I would not be in here. Why do we continue to buy such costly goods, plants and all other kind of junk we do not need?

Well, what do you expect the prices to do?

IF you want something different do something different. $10 is $10 dollars.

(((your inner

Life's pressures!

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