Bull Market Around the Corner

Is there?

Yes,,,,,but this time we have got a bull fighter and there are more on the way.

Every Cop should have to be a BULL FIGHTER, inorder to become a Cop, don't you think? These people must think quick. They are armed against an unarmed people. A madador has something like sword and the bull has some of the sharpest horns I have ever seen. The both have the honor of death with dignity.

Most Cops have a gun, because they are scared. car, gun, couple of guns, bullets, armored vest, flack vest, taser, stun gun...

I would go to every bullfight. And they could be there too, because there would be no crime on the streets....

your inner voice...real courage. passion and compassion...you like it uh?

Bull market/Bull FIGHTER.

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