The Burial Process

    The western world, how we normally bury our dead?

  1. Dig a grave?

  2. Insert a concrete vault to help preserve and protect the casket?

  3. Insert a casket to preserve and protect the remains? I am not sure why.

  4. Cover it all with a slab of concrete? I guess so people will know exactly where to find your remains. Why, I do not know, it seems to me, documentation in one form or another would do just as good.

  5. Add a head stone? A process of identification and accountability. Not sure what good that does for the person inside.

  6. Last but not least, there is the commercial aspect and cost of a funeral, which is very expensive and rising.

It is this process, I would like to address. With people dying everyday, how many more people can we bury, using this process? Aren't we occupying space that can not be used for anything else, for many, many years to come?

This is a very sensitive subject, for some, but when you really think about this process are we not causing more harm to the earth and its environment than good? What about "the green process", all things green and environmentally friendly?

When you see a cemetery with all its markings, it all means nothing unless you have someone buried there.

We must decide on a better way, a more environmentally friendly means to dispose of human remains.

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