Bush Shoe

Nuri Kamal al-Maliki, Ducati Model 271

Shoe-throwing Iraqi journalist's, Media matters

Media matters for us. With all due respect, Mr. George Bush has taken American embarrassment, disgrace and credibility to the next level. Of all the lies, scandals and corruptions during the Bush era, none top the most recent turn of events. He never saw it coming and was not prepared, not even the "SS". Just like the twin towers incident, we were conducting business as usual when someone else had something different in mine which caught us all off guard. Of all the controversial decisions, neglect and scandals plaguing the Bush administration, over the past 8 years, coupled with the meltdown of the U.S. economy, no decent self-respecting American ever openly stood and voiced disapproval for the stupid decisions and actions of Mr. Bush. Now, we all do stupid mistakes, but most are willing to confess when proven wrong, Not Mr. Bush. We will entertain a notion to impeach a corrupt Governor, but not a failed President causing daily death and destruction. Nor has Mr. Bush ever admitted wrong doings or shown any signs of remorse.

Not one investigator, Judge, cabinet member, Congressman, Senator, Representative, professional journalist or news correspondent ever openly disapproved and stood ground over the integrity and reasoning for Mr. Bush’s decisions leading to a much misunderstood and self-defeating war and the destruction of the U.S. economy. They did not see it coming, Mr. Powell may be. They all boast of being unbiased, fact finding, get to the truth, keeping everybody honest; but could not see all of this would cause an economic breakdown. Many played a key role but, forgot their responsibilities and was caught up in the hype of repeating fiction as fact.

All we ever did was enable and support Mr. Bush's failed policies. Many were focused on forecasting the blood shed and number of lives lost due to error. Many of us still refuse to admit and voice our disapproval of sending our sons and daughters off to fight for our fears. You will be hard pressed to find 10 Americans who really understand why and can logically express U. S. involvement in Iraq. How we had a hand in the brutal murder of two sons and later Sadam himself? How we created a hit list in the name of destroying global terrorism. How we glorify in the death and destruction? To what extremes will we go to impose democracy? How we further helped conquer a divided people, by pitting one against the other, based on our own misunderstanding. Just think if the shoe was on the other foot.

Well, Mr. Bush got a taste of his own medicine in Baghdad, when one very unsuspecting, dedicated Iraqi journalist voiced his disapproval by hurling, not one, but two of his black leather oxfords shoes at Mr. Bush. Both shoes rocketed straight for Mr. Bush’s head, narrowly missing. It was like this man has had plenty of practice.

Knowing he was the target, Mr. Bush was too stupid, stubborn and proud to even duck? Think on soldiers ducking bullets. The now famous shoes are described as Ducati Model 271 and since renamed The Bush Shoe.

Does that say anything to you about what we fail to see and acknowledge in our President, his decision making, dedication and loyalty to evil causes? Does our system of Government really work any better than any other? Do you think they will hunt him down? Do you think they will create a hit list? Do you think Mr. Bush and a few select others are targets? Do you think everybody is as confused as you are and not knowing what is going on or what to do?

Now, for bringing all of that to our attention, Mr. Nuri Kamal al-Maliki, will possibly serve two years in prison. He has already apologized and asked forgiveness.

Media matters for America to fight back, every day, in real time.

Bush Regrets

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