Business Sense

Where are our trade and bartering skills - free enterprise ?

Did you say knowledge applied is powerful? free enterprise and PROUD to figure the problem out? Most don’t know what that is. Now, we wonderin what happened to’em? We have got to be some dumb asses.

Have you ever come home only to find whatever it was for which you were looking had been consumed by a family member or so? You want to make them pay don't you?

Does it make any sense for you to pay for what they took? How and why is that today? We don't own no damn land, but we pay taxes like hell. Sales tax, what stores do we own? Exercise, where do we exercise? School, do you know what we had to do in order to just get the proper materials and facilities? Then, why are you paying for that? Water, who in their right mind would pay for water they are scared to drink? Then you give a long line of bullshit to further convolute matters - "SOLD OUT".

Hit home, you know that house in which you living is not worth nowhere near what you are paying for it? So why do you do that stupid shit? Are you, would you fund the terrorists? Buy their cars? Why don't you just give the man your gun and instruct him to shoot you? You may as well and would be better served with the current mentality. You are funding your own demise. Working and running your own Death Camp". Worse, you can justify it.

Even worse, they put you on a lean budget, while the splurge and live a lavish lifestyle. All of this, while you are begging and praying in church - serving the Lord? Where is your business sense? They pay you $100 and take back 4 or 5 hundred, in education alone.

What do I have, for which they are willing to pay? It is certainly now wisdom? Well, if you give it all to them, why should they pay. Do you see things individually or as a people? To more accurately answer that question, if your family doesn’t have anything to offer, how do you. Even more accurate, if they don’t like Barack, why would they accept you? To abuse and beat one of our asses is to abuse and beat all of our asses, of course unless you are better than the rest of us and this has not only to do with race?

There are some dumb ‘son of bitches’ leading our people and ruining our country, so what does that make me? Does because you have money make you WISE?

My inspiration has been to survive by serving my fellow man. I done that mainly through buying and selling. Now, my government has made that so hard to do, I’m terrified, humiliated – free enterprise. A man, in my country just can’t open a legal business any more, what happened to “Free Enterprise”?

I spoke with my wife about buying and selling, but she says it is best to “get a job” and enjoy the lavish life of “a steady income”. How, why in the sam hell can he figure out to employ me better than “we” can figure out how to best employ each other? How can your enemy better employ you than you can yourself? Why don’t you just go down the street and ask the neighbor you hate so bad to employ you? Just throw your wallet down on the ground and run the hell off... Now, you boss knows more about you than you know yourself, unless you are good at the art of lying.

It is amazing how we rationalize, make sense out of shit that just doesn’t make any sense to a bull frog. Now, we’re literally walking around drugged, doctor’s bills, fixed incomes, with prices skyrocketing everyday and too damn PROUD to figure the problem out.

If I knew then what I know Now, I would have done then whatI can't do now. And you know what: You knew it then but trickery, greed and easy got the best of your dumb ass. Now, you're so deep in Bullshit, you can't figure your way out.

It's a bad day when you go down with the ship because you are too damn "smart" to jump your sorry ass off. Somebody asked me, How do you get paid for this Art? Now, that just goes to show how stupid their asses are. Whose going to pay you for telling the truth? Why should they, when you'll for nothing work? Charity starts where?

Are you working from all ends or just the one facing you, spokes in a wheel? What good does it do you to be attached at the top, but detached at the bottom...

Free Enterprise - Business governed by the laws of supply and demand, not restrained by government interference, regulation...


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