A Call to Service

Communities Gearing Up to Renew America Together, A virtual volunteer

Together, let us Help make America a strong, prosperous and compassionate nation! Virtual Volunteering

Too often it seems there is nothing I can do and then, whatever I do, it counts for nothing. So many members of my family and friends were going through tough economic times before this economic crisis hit. Now, during this crisis, we are literally catching hell to maintain a healthy standard of living.

You know as I read this article, I thought of our soldiers and the soldiers of others, near and far, being at war. In thinking that, I saw this CALL TO SERVICE, as 'THE LEAST I CAN DO' to help my country back on track. Efforts like this work to bring global peace and prosperity. In that light, I am very pleased to share this article with you. To help, I ask a personal favor? Share and Go to my website and subscribe to it and my RSS feed? That will help my efforts.

Communities and nonprofits across the country are gearing up for a record number of volunteers on the Martin Luther King Jr. Federal holiday, fueled by President-elect Obama’s call for Americans to serve on King Day and throughout the year. Visit www.mlkday.gov

In this time of economic distress, Americans need to realize Dr. King’s dream of a better America. Service is a solution to some of our toughest challenges, and service is needed now more than ever. Visit the USA Freedom Corps!

Ordinary citizens working together with a common purpose to help get this country, the United States of America, back on track. This national day of service is an important fist step in our continuing commitment.

Whatever service activity you organize or take part in--cleaning up a park, giving blood, volunteering at a homeless shelter, or mentoring at-risk youth -- you can help start this important journey. Michelle Obama recorded a video to tell you more about President-elect Obama’s call for a national day of service to “Renew America Together. Michelle Obama, Take a look:


Just for today: I will look for opportunities to be of service in everything I do.

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