Now, that there is nothing else?

Can all be healed by CONFESSING out loud God’s word and apprehend their healing by FAITH?

Fear, our deepest fear is that we are inadequate.

"the prayer of faith will save the sick…" (James 5:15)

First Isaiah "we are healed with His stripes" Isa 53:5, present tense

"by whose stripes ye were healed". 1 Pet 2:24

“took our infirmities and sicknesses” Matt 8:16-17

Finally, the only Scriptures left in my arsenal of healing weapons were the two Scriptures above. So I started quoting them out loud over her.

When you have a difficult case, confess (quote) this simple statement: “By his stripes I am healed!” “By his stripes I am healed!” By his stripes I am healed!” Quote them out loud till the healing comes.

Know you have the power and resources within you to rise above any situation or circumstance. Know "we" are powerful beyond measure. New opportunities are revealed everyday.

Deep thoughts, indeed.

your inner voice

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