Candle Light Worship Service

Flipper Chapel A.M.E. Church, Milledgeville, GA

Awesome Candle Light Worship Service, Milledgeville, GA...Just awesome! While many Georgia towns were under stormy weather, David L. Luke, guest speakers and Flipper Chapel Church offered and provided cover, praise and worship. Under local tornado like weather conditions, some of Georgia's stormiest weather, many from Milledgeville sought refuge and sat out the bad weather by sharing in the *Litany of Praise* produced during the spirit filled Candle light Worship Services, themed --Jesus is the light of the world!.

Music was excellent and made by Mr. Carlos Toombs, who were accompanied by a host of other very talented musicians. I understand Mr. Carlos to play more than twenty-one musical instruments. He can make the guitar talk. Drummers were drumming, pipers were piping and pianos were playing. Spirits were uplifted, people prayed and were prayed for, in particular for, one person scheduled for brain surgery. Candles were passed, lit from the same fire and the hungry were fed. If that wasn't enough, the beautiful voices of the Salem A.M.E. Praise Team put the icing on the cake.

Music, Song and words of praise filled the church, brought and kept participants on their feet...One standing ovation after the next. It was right on time, the right place, the right thing for the right time--a divine shelter from the storms. Guest Speaker was Reverend Coleman Dumas, Pastor, Salem A.M.E. Church. The two Pastors teamed together to make an awesome duo.

When in the Milledgeville area, make sure you stop by this bible based church to give and receive an encouraging word. Flipper Chapel AME Church, to help you weather the storms.

December 10, 2008,

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