Are You a Caring Person?

A person of good moral and ethical character? Caring is built around core values that empower others, especially our young people, to be responsible and caring members of a community: Caring, Respect, Responsibility, Trust, Family...Now, ask yourself that question again.

Though I would like to be caring, there is something about my family. No matter how much I care, the more distant we become. The more caring things I do, the more I am pushed aside. Caring does not pay. How can I continue being caring? Well, while you are being caring are you looking for something in return?

Today, caring is one of the strangest and most confusing words to me. On one side we are to be caring and compassionate. Then on the other, who cares. That is just how quickly we turn on each other, being mean, cruel, and insensitive. It is a black and white issue? The closer we become the further apart we get.

From early on we are taught the importance of caring. Then, we go to school and encounter prejudices. That's is about when it first starts and is most prevalent in our daily living. That is when and where the bulk of us learn our first tricks of our double standard society. That is where we learn how to ignore the reality of what's really going on around us and start living life the way we are. By the time we are adults bad lessons are engrained and we are pretty good at them. That is saying that by this time we have learned to be pretty good hypocrites and that is acceptable.

Then we wonder why our relationships are suffering. Why things do not get better? How to be phony because money does not make us good citizens. If caring is not in our hearts, how could it be in our communities, where do we go to find it?

So to offset our lack of caring, we have created many caring programs. Do they work? Well, we have filled them with people who have not learned to care. They mean well but to them, it is just another job. Therefore, in the performance of their caring duties comes abuse and neglect. They are not going to sacrifice themselves nor anything about them for the benefit of others.

I am not perfect, but I am caring. I have learned to be my caring person and I leave it up to others to join. I do not desire to be caught up in your hypocritical ways. This task seem overwhelming when you look only by size, but when you break it down into small steps, you are amazed at the progress you make. Don’t allow the world’s limitations to control your supply.

What are the consequences of not caring, can they come to you and I? Can we skip around them?

your inner voice.

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