The Centrist Party

Seeking Common Sense Solutions to Bring America Together Again

Seeking Common Sense Solutions to Bring America Together, most people just want a choice that is not convoluted by partisan bickering and single minded agendas.

How this phrase came to my attention? While, the tv was watching me, I saw, Obama is essentially a centrist. His world view cannot be easily consigned to the familiar categories of left and right. Well, being from back-woods Georgia, I didn’t have a clue and now it’s 2010. So I did just a little research to learn more about the interesting idea of the Centrist Party. However, while doing so, I learned even more about the "holy of holies".

The Centrist Party is an attempt to build a political party in the United States. In 2006 with the Federal Election Commission it attempted to organize nationally. However, it never has been recognized as an official party in any of the states. Its only known member, John P. Reisman, also listed as chairman, was based in California and has acknowledged plans to unveil the party again in 2010.

What about Independent Party? Independents have also been greatly beneficial in this area.

What is Centrist — The Centrist Party, realizing the polarization of the left and right political parties have become more of a hindrance to progress than a benefit, Centrists don't have party lines. Centrists believe that solutions are more important than bias. While there is no set rule for what a Centrist is, there are no set rules for what a democrat is.

Why do we need to have "any party affiliation" to vote? Why can't voting be based upon human rights and where you live?

Did you know that most of the money in the world is controlled by secretive financial/political/military clubs that meet in secret behind the scenes? The Bilderberg Party. This is more than likely why the party thing. Does being from any state in the United States constitute being in a secretive financial/political/military club?

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