Change Is Going To Come

No it is not, not until Jesus comes. What does that mean? Is it death or some other unimaginable action? Do you mean things are going to be this way until the end? Whose end?

I don’t know, but it took me back, I didn’t know what to say, but it just did not fit good with me? I have seen too many changes and too many times have I said, something was not going to happen, when that very thing happened, and then some.

The smell of death is in the air, has there ever been and time when so many people died at the hands of other people, on any single day? Rebellious people - I will use our public school system for example. No, I’ll take broken homes, single parents? Juveniles, prisons, especially AAM? Let us try banking? What about health…? A rebellious people!

So, in my conversation today, a well seasoned God fearing sister said it wasn’t going to change until Jesus comes. There was nothing we could do and she learned that from trying to help people along the way. That it wasn’t until she gave it up to God that she could feel some kind of relief from this burning desire.

Many times, I misunderstand what people are saying and may be even life, but it sounded like she was saying, believing and passing on, that we may as well quit trying because it wasn’t going to do any good until God comes. May be she meant it was fruitless to continue helping others and focus in on yourself, for best results.

If you are a devout Christian, how could you say and believe that? I know these are some tough financial times we are going through, but just think how far we have come and it wasn’t very long ago. If you just stay the course, don’t give up on faith and works. If that happens, things would change today. What we are experiencing today, good or bad, are the results of what we ordered yesterday. Bad stuff can not last long and I do not care who is doing it and they will reap the rewards.

Future generations! You know, as I worked in our schools, I noticed a great propensity towards violence and gross self-disrespect. Well, there was another kind of respect, which had nothing to do with the good one could bring. It had more to do with a dying bred and I was a part of it. That as nice of a man or an authority figure I was, the less positive response I got, a man now. What about quietly and orderly sitting for 45 minutes while doing your work. Why, must a substitute or anybody else, have to work like hell, after instructing a class of well-mannered students to sit quietly and do their work. Do you think the class will take advantage of the moment, the teacher or get out of control. There was a time when the majority of students appreciated the opportunity to learn. I am not saying they were perfect, but should not we be getting better? Making progress? That is the future now. Change now.

I am not too sure what the bible says, but life has taught me that it is a bad wind that never changes.

Life is full of changes, whether you are ready or not and there is a price to pay for being caught on the wrong side of the fence. Change comes when you least expect it, from where you least expect it, with what you least expect. One second all is well and in a spilt second all hell breaks loose, quick and in a hurry. Do not get caught waiting.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.- Edmund Burke

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