Chemistry of Life


Are we missing out on anything important if we do not understand and abide by the chemistry of life?

Does chemistry in life really work or matter? I associate chemistry with passion and how often do we really get to explore our passions, what really matters?

We have our planet and we have our lives.

Life. Look at the vital things in our lives and the chemistry of matter from which they are made. Food, water and air, if you take those three, we still have a long ways to go and getting further away each second.

Does that mean our basic bodily functions are acting accordingly? Are we performing better or worse? Why do we resist our natural chemistry? The body is made up of chemicals, but just which are important to what, we have no earthly idea.

Planet. Conservation and working with Nature?

Is that a spiritual thing? What good is knowing when you do not act? How much water should you drink? What kinds of foods should you eat? I will not mention air. So in each of those three categories we fail miserably.

Just what does that mean? What does it mean to be working in vain? Would you like to be known as the only generation who worked for less than nothing?

All animals know exactly what they need, except human beings. As masters of our domains, we take well more than our share and waste it.

Our chemistry in life more about what we can afford than about what we actually need and can do? Can you afford that? Mind over matter!

(((your inner

No Regrets

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