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"You don't go it alone." -Denzel Washington

Learn, teach, be caring supportive and loving, because, that is what we want in return. Sow a seed and unto us a child is born. Irregardless of race, gender, handicap, happy or sad, in part or as a whole, we have a responsibility for and to our children. It is during their young lives they vulnerable and the world is full of predators. Sad to say, many of those predators are sick and confused adults. The slacker we are about establishing and maintaining standards of adulthood, the more vulnerable our children become.

It is in our first few years of life, we learn the basics, which creates the foundation for our attitudes toward life and learning. Further, we can gain valuable insight and improve current situations from teaching and observing the behavior of young children.

By setting examples, further developing our skills and expertise, youth gain confidence and improve self-worth. Knowledge is powerful.

Nothing is more rewarding and personally gratifying than helping change someone's life. The very essence of our humanity lies in our innate instincts to give back to our communities and to help those in need.

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I Don't Want To Brag or Boast

"I feel so sad for people who are stuck working
for people they don't like, for those who are forced
to go to work, fight traffic,
be in an office and then come home at the end of the day."

Keep Them Out Of Harm’s Way

Parental Control

The greatest
gift to a child?

Pay It Forward Foundation

Launch of the educational activity and sweepstakes for children in 1st-5th grade. Inspiration makes me...Learn More.

Missing Indian Kids

National Center For Missing and Exploited Children

Wireless Amber Alerts

FirstGov for Parents

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