Christian To Be or Not To Be ???

The Thing Is To Be or Not To Be “A Good” Person/Christian. For the purpose of this article I will substitute the word Christian for "Good Person". Is it better to be a good Christian and a evil person or a Good Person, no matter your religion?

Sometimes we can grow things to a point that it is no longer possible to be or to see our own way out. We increase the restraints on ourselves so tight, that we smother ourselves to death. Bound by our own erroneous, false and limiting beliefs, we are no longer free and struggle to be. We panic, we become desperate, we become impatient, we become GREEDY and Self-serving. We become all the bad things we have become today. That’s what our overzealous religious beliefs have done for and to us. We’ve made Christians out to be sinless Saints on one side and Billy Bad Asses on the other. Hypocrisy has made Christianity the religion of evil people. They see us coming and nobody wants to hear it. People are cautious and for good reason.

All the fun is gone and we take ourselves too serious. We stop laughing and playing with ourselves and others. We make ourselves some kind of dead walking stick, good for nothing except God,,,,so we think. If and when you kick someone out of church, they need it more than you. We are creatures of habit and what kind of habits are we forming? May be they do not need it more than you? You need it more than them…Think about that….YOU NEED HELP. Yes, my good and faithful Christians, you need help more than me.

Just that one fact alone drives us to do things, irrational things we wouldn’t normally do to ourselves and others. Why? Language, sex, power, position, money, race, color, gender, location, the seven deadly sins, has crept in and corrupted our pure nature and our pure hearts. All things in moderation, we are in a serious state of denial.

It’s not that we can’t do them, it’s the way we ridicule and treat each other once we learn. It’s our intention to hide people and behavior once we learn. It’s our intention to take revenge once we learn. But what happened to our intentions to be even better and stronger persons/Christians?

Our churches have become institutions for profit and storing up riches. The doors are more shut than they are open. People cannot come in and pray at will. They fear they need to be something special to come into your kind of church? All are so busy and greater priorities, they have no time. Now, you tell me who’s the hypocrite? Who should be thrown out of church? Who should be admonished?

Everything works out when you are in the flow of Nature. To be a Good Christian is to be a good person, nothing more, nothing less. All we need to do it to get back to the basics. For the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world. If any want to become my followers, let them deny themselves. Is it too late to change?

Soon it will be Sept. 11, 2010

(((your inner

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