Christian Dark Side

None are perfect, including Christians.

Many are closed and do not listen nor think for themselves.

Christians are often quick to denounce and judge.

Christians are increasely ashame or embarrassed to hear the word "Jesus". It often a turn-off.

We often are too busy and can not find time to help our fellow man. We have many excuses but in most cases we fear our own lives or standard of living is threatened, if we do.

We live in fear and go with the program. Well, it is alright to kill here but, it is not here; though “Thou shall not kill”.

It is alright to beat, corporal punishment here, even though we know “we” do not want to be beaten.

Though Christianity is one of the newest religions, introduced to America by people we commonly refer to as Pilgrims and was denied to others, I stole it, understand it and now, I am a better Christian than most. I accept that without question.

It is Christians who slaughtered American Indians and built America on the back of slavery.

It is Christians, who when pushed to their limits, result to violence.

It is Christians who attend church two days but steal, kill and destroys five.

It is Christians who are more committed to churches and preachers than to people and Spirit.

It is Christians who have the greatest technology and modern conveniences yet; idolize guns and weapons of mass destruction.

It is Christians who are not satisfied with anything. Our bodies, sex, gender, water, dirt or location is never quite just good enough, unless we have a hand in it. We have improved so, we hardly know what to say or do with each other. Water, there is hardly a drop to drink.

It is Christians who easily forget what they did but can not remember to forgive.

It is Christians who find more gratitude in out sourcing and being missionaries in a foreign land than tending and sharing our gardens at home.

It is Christians whose jails are overflowing and drugs cure all.

It is Christians who attend twelve years of school and still can not read nor write.

It is Christians who can not see beyond color, texture and character and even more shamefully, it is most often our well respected Christian Leaders.

It is Christians who can not love unconditionally.

You can say what you want but in many cases, it is going to be Christianity or the lack of it, that sends many of us to hell.

Though I have mentioned all this stuff, there are good Christians but; just like anything else… you will be hard pressed to find one.

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