College Students

Especially American

I thinking of my drive way?

Future generation leaders. Younsgters and a few others being educated. Qualified professionals, private parking space, new car, few bucks from mom and dad in your pocket? Demanding respect from your subordinates?

Why don't you act like it?

I mean, does educated sense replace common sense, common courtesy? That is what you are going to be telling somebody one day. I know you are not yet, responsible, but that does not make it so. Don't you want to be in a position to set the example?

Following the law, What's up with driving? Not drinking and driving, just driving. Especially, parking, college students and senior citizens. That's here in America.

Driver's test, is it worth it? Is it working? School security, what are they riding around doing all day? They can't even spot an auto illegally parked. I guess they've more important crimes to solve? Faculty and staff, can see neutrons, protons, grammatical errors, trends; but for some reason, they can not see an illegally parked cars, with their school sticker and knowing during class, this town has serious parking problems and it is all because of them. Community this and community that. Almost everyday, I find my driveway blocked by a college student. Man??? Both sides and I will not say about in between. New car now and college! Gang and no college?

Important things to think and write about*-) I love you, but your driving skills, prove it.

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