College Students and Vandalism

Especially at Georgia College and State University, Milledgeville,GA

Not one to complain, but this problem is out of control and hitting home. Damage to peoples' homes and personal property give just a glimpse of the magnitude of the destruction that is really going on.

I have lived here since 1965, which is years earlier than many of the students attending Georgia College and State University, today. I and my neighbors know who is committing these acts of vandalism in our community. Just to let you know how pro college I am, my mom worked there, serving five college presidents, for more than 36 years and I am also a college grad. Over the past few years, this situation has gotten worse and is out of control, and if nothing is done, I fear it is going to lead to something much worse. I am also aware of the efforts that college students put forth to help communities, but what good is that, when on the other side, you are tearing it down- the solution and the problem?

Vandalism has its roots in aggression, the factors that influence aggression, and in turn vandalism, are numerous. These factors include the use of drugs and alcohol, gender, the influence of the architectural environment, and other contextual factors. Vandalism involves acts that are intentional, purposeful, destructive, and affect property that is owned by others.

You know I read everyday of crimes committed against college students and the students are portrayed as innocent victims. I would not like to see the same in our community.

College students are supposed to be in training to be our best and brightest, in building a stronger America. Certainly, that should be the case with those who are responsible for training them. These elite alleged professionals are trained and hired as problem solvers. They deal with these problems day in and out, but Just The Opposite Is Happening. They boast of making progress, in producing more productive, responsible citizens and spend millions of dollars doing so, but just the opposite is happening. The biggest problem of all is parking, gross disregard for private parking and parking laws.

just one beer bottle, I wonder what that means... Why? This sign belongs to a house around the corner throwning each other in my hedges, what's wrong with a boxing ring? food and trash everywhere, think if we did that your campus stupid college games, need I say more...

There used to be a third rocking chair on my front porch, but I am sure it now resides with a well deserving student.

From the top down, it seems nobody notices — the college administrators, security, city officials, parents. As professional and attentive to details as these professionals claim to be, absolutely nothing is being done. In the midst of all this destructive behavior, not one responsible person has come forth, reassuring victims and the community that anything is being done to discourage this undesirable behavior of college students. I mean if nothing is done, what can we expect? Something has got to change.

I could possibly understand, if we were a community that conducted ourselves the same, but we are not and the appearance of our small community is proof. May be if we were rich, but why steal, kill and destroy the property of poor, innocent, hard working people? We are sick-n-tired of all the stupid college kiddy pranks and feel we do not deserve nor have to put up with rediculous behavior. Where other communities have criminal problems, we have criminal students. We care about the safety and security of "all" concerned and my writing this article is proof.

Like within any family, these are signs and overt acts indicating problems much deeper rooted and/or something much worse about to happen. Stupid college games, we do not want to play, we have enough with central state hospital and crime.

College students act as if they resent this community and that this community is something for them to shit upon. Now, that is the problem. We must work with our students to build better communities.

Think about that, the next time a college student is killed for nothing.

Art Thomas your inner

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