Columbus Landing in America

As seen by the Eyes of America

Red Indian Nations, eye witnesses to Columbus discovering America, refer to his discovery the same as you and I would refer to a home invasion. Living in harmony with nature was thrown out the window. Still today Native-Americans, like African-Americans feel the pain of this invasion-Living a lie.

Interesting facts: Prior to 1492, in America: Daily lives were not divided or separated into the categories of "time, work, play, religion, vacation". Societies did not exploit the world’s people and resources. Governmental 'control' did not create discontent, unhappy people who foster alcohol/drug use and a desire to escape responsibility and reality through such 'escapes' as "religion". There was no word in Indigenous languages for "clock" and there was no want or need to be controlled by "time" when people were truly free. Read More

Too often we are so rapped up in our on survival, we refuse to hear and acknowledge the other side of the story. Too often we listen to the people who do not have our best interest in mind and out of fear, refuse to ask logical questions. Who has a forked tongue? Most often we are too greedy to refuse all the temptation dangled before our eyes. Too often we read one book. Good news about our communities is not going to come from NBC, ABC, CBS, The Wall Street Journal...they do not live in our communities. Does not that tell you something? Ignorance can no longer be our excuse.

I am just a little old country bumpkin, who works like crazy on a little old website; nobody reads and does not know his ass from a whole in the ground. What do I know? There were some witnesses to Columbus landing in America. It is safe to say they were Native Americans and that is probably why whites attempted to wipe Native Americans from the face of the earth. What is genocide? I wonder what they celebrate on Columbus Day and 4 July? I do not want to start anything but I do want to speak reasonable truths and history. Do you know I have been told, my website would be a great success if I were white. In particular, if I were not an African American male? That is coming from white folks now.

Further, the whites came with their bibles, portraying themselves as Christians, denying Native and Africa Americans the same rights and privileges. Why would you bite the hand that feeds you? What kind of a Christian is that? We all have skeletons in our closets but what about confession and forgiveness? What is remorse? What is so hard and complicated about that mess? They do not want to pay. That is why I write about a double standard system.

Even further, the election of Barack Obama is not going to change that, just as with any other blacks elected. Corruption is a powerful force and I work and pray he survives it. Nothing will change for Black America until Black America wakes up and start doing more things to bring about change, i.e., becoming more self-sufficient, taking on leadership roles and responsibilities for our own communities. We want to live in nice neighborhoods, but for some reason, can only find it in their neighborhoods. What is the easy way out? What is abandonment? It is only then we will be able to see ourselves as equals.

We celebrate somebody else’s independence when we do little to know our own. We get paid $100 and give back $99. We are so gullible; we think our captives should be fair to us. Then why do we keep asking?

Every good intention is made out to be some drug related gang banging threat to the good of all mankind. Now, you know why our children are sagging. Who must we prove a point to, them or ourselves?

For so many years we have pleaded for others to hear our cry, while refusing to hear and heed the cry of anyone else. Well, except whites, we are too quick to fight their battles for them. Really, think about it, What has Sadam Hussein or Osama Bin Ladin done to offend anyone in America? Do you realize how many Native and African Americans were terrorized and murdered in order for us to be ignorant today? Stupid is as stupid does. Work with them, not for them! What about the persons who assassinated MLK or the Kennedy’s...?

What is the difference between landing and discovering? Columbus discovering America, according to eye witnesses, No; but to those who did not know, Yes? What credit do eyewitnesses get? Who are you listening to? You discovered it, but I took it and gave myself credit? What is plagiarism? Forked Tongue? Is that story familiar to you?

I sincerely hope you enjoy the post I have included here. I pray for a true and forgiving United States of America, who never forgets.

Native American Indian

When Columbus landed in 1492, the Indigenous Red Nations and People he met were gracious and friendly, as they had always been. Unfortunately, Columbus murdered many of those “Indians” and took many back to Europe as "slaves". This historical fact is discarded by U.S. schools and instead the “Hitler-Columbus” is celebrated as some type of "hero" while Indigenous existence, human rights, and nationhood is ignored

In 1492, there were approximately 500 Indigenous Red Nations living true freedom, democracy and happiness upon Great Turtle Island, each having their own distinct and unique language and way of life. They had lived in harmony with nature – their superior – for millions and millions of years, having always been from these lands now occupied by "America". But due to the largest, quickest and deadliest “holocaust” inflicted against any race ever known by the European pilgrims and the U.S. government and its citizenry upon the Indigenous Red Nations, some of those nations were wiped out – exterminated from existence. Read More

This is the continent their fathers conquered?

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