Come on People

Intentions Can Go Terribly Awry

Comedian Bill Cosby, His New Book; Come on People and Good Intentions Can Go Terribly Awry.

This is very true.

Really, I use to think the same, until “one day”.

Together, we must find the middle ground, common ground.

At one time, when I was a bit more arrogant, angry and disappointed with myself; I thought like Mr. Cosby, until “one day”.

Long story short, I was in The Gambia, West Africa, when I learned, Africans who went to America were “Tricked”, in much the same manner, as we are being Tricked, today.

Even today, I am not sure, if Africans in America, really understand, Who we are and from where we came. Are we Colored, Africa-American, Black or “N”? The Ink is black and the page is white.

Thank God, there has always been some “one” to pull us “all” together and through it “all”.

Africans in America, have been tricked, from all fronts, since the beginning of America. To trick any one, you first trick yourself. Just like lying, you first lie to yourself.

It is time for a change.

That is the change Earl Ofari Hutchinson is talking about. The change is here and in living color. “We”, Americans, are the proof. “We” and other nation who wants to survive, better prepare for change. Trick or Treat, you reap what you sow.

The change is now.

I am Blind

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