Comfort and Strength

relax and turn your attention inward

We are comforted so we may comfort those in need. Our emotional wounds are used to heal others - To impart strength and hope, to encourage, to relieve, to console, to cheer, all of which strengthens.

We know the power of just a simple touch, be it direct or indirectly. It is through their experience, we can better see our own strengths and weaknesses.

When we finally realize it, we are just mysteriously drawn to people in trouble. We want to reach out and comfort them, touch them, embrace or shake hands... It is probably most evident in our political elections.

Politicians, celebrities and others strive to touch as many people as they can and many people put themselves in position to be touched. People know the power, importance and comfort provided by a simple touch.

The problem is, too often, we shy away or wait until it is too late.

There is comfort in knowing and knowing is believing. Help save more lives and souls. I am a supportive presence for others and when offering help, I am guided by the higher good in what I say and do - in every good work and word.

Blessed be the Father of mercies and of all comfort, who comforts us to comfort others. His experience Touched Me.


(((your inner

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