A Comfort Culture Comes To Ruin

People want to live in happier societies.

Authentic and fake, a comfort culture is an addiction for a spoiled people. Consumption for pleasure, greed or fear, there are very few limits, but what happens when it runs out? Must be wonderful!

People want to live in happier societies and people with money know this. Not all but many use their monies to make people feel happier, exploiting a business opportunity. It is all about money. That is very profitable for a few and we pay the ultimate price for this.

When reality hits home, a people does not know what to expect nor do, less enlightened they make poor decisions; they have little appreciation for what it takes to make a desired event happen. People feel better but the situation gets worse. Reality is warded off with comfort items, which serve as temporary fixes saying, “Everything is going to be okay”.

Somebody else does everything for us and we appear just in time to consume the goodies! We participate in events we never fully nor physically experienced. Our real life is actually made up of bits of imaginary experiences. We watch ourselves and imagine others watching us and it is increasingly harder to tell if it is authentic or fake.

A society whose voices have been stolen by rich, unscrupulous con artists, we are growing increasingly unequal, unjust, and unstable and while real problems are being ignored. People suffer but they do not care. People sense this, but they do not know exactly what to do? So, they settle for superficial "comfort" because their dissociative behavior has gotten the best of them. The comfort culture has taken much away while failing to deliver the happier society. Addiction, there is an increased appetite for a comfort society, the lure of more comfort. A comfort society might be profitable, but it is not prosperous.

Is dissociative behavior something new or was it ours and we finally got what we deserved? It is never too late to turn around. The sooner the better!

A survival society

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