Competitive Nature

Leveraging Friendly competition

Are we out of control? Is it really helping us? Do you reckon we can help it? Can peer pressure push you over the line of no return?

Friendly competition is healthy for the growth of any society. There is a fine line between friendly competition and obsession or greed.

As long as we are thinking for ourselves, all is well, but when you see what someone else has and for no practical purpose or reason you want the same, a problem is developing and if you got it, you would appreciate the full value or potential of it and soon it will soon lay by the wayside.

People often want what other people have and there are many reasons for that, mostly our competitive nature.

I love plants and I want every beautiful plant I see. Then, one day, I am running out of space to plant what is most important to me.

Is it really helping us? There is a peak and once we go over it the worse we get. Are the lines any shorter or they getting even longer? Try traffic for an example, though we can drive many times faster than 100 years ago, the dangers of getting there are just as great or greater--rat race.

Somehow, we are well over the peak. What used to be a nice friendly sport is now some of the largest money makers. Again well over the peak. Great health care, but can not afford it. Again well over the peak. State of the economy? Priorities are out of whack and this is where our so called friendly competition has brought us!

So, at this day and age, our most important areas we being neglected. Peer pressure, money, temptation... makes it even more difficult on individual efforts. So we are all being swept away by a strong current-- increasingly harder to abstain from poor choices. Right now, the stakes are very high.

Reckon we can discipline ourselves? Who will say when enough is enough? Reckon anybody really cares?

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