Compromise and Relationships

If your relationship is not worth saving, you can stop reading right here and seek help for your own safety. Don't fool yourself. Nothing from nothing leaves nothing.

A relationship is based on team concept and effort. Marriage can bring additional stress on a relationship.

For a team to operate smoothly depends on great leadership. Great leaders have good communications skills and willingness for self-sacrifice--Compromise.

When relationships work well, nothing is better. Compromise is easy but when they go bad, nothing is worse--no compromise.

Feelings of betrayal, hurt and pain. A whole bunch of big talk. The relationship is centered around me..My wife, My husband. I am the boss. I make the money. I pay the bills. This is my house. I am right, you are wrong. My way or the highway. I am sick and tired of... We insist on maintaining our individuality. How would you like to be under this kind of leadership? Somebody telling you everything to do.

"I" and "my" do not lend themselves to compromise. We only reach our true identity once we merged with another person. When love or the Spirit come upon us, we are transformed and no longer maintain individuality.

Confusion slips in and regaining control is the issue. Today, I have had enough. Most of the time, it's over something minor, but a whole bunch of minor leads to major. That's the real test of a good relationship. Pass this one and be better prepared for the next.

We may be part of a relationship but we are still individuals. As individuals we have likes and dislikes.

When we reach a point where we are not willing to compromise, where is the need for talking? The relationship is through. The communications process has been shut down. That effects all those around you.

Our ego tells us to take a stance, a chance, a self-serving attitude to defend and protect ourselves. I am the authority, challenge the situation to the next level, fire them. This puts your relationship at an even greater risk. The idea is to win people, not run them off. If you are willing to take that risk, yes, you may win the battle but the war wages on. With that attitude, over time, matters will only get worse.

What you need is the ability to calm yourself, rational thinking and reevaluate the situation. Think outside the box, why did you come together and how would your life be without each. Both parties must be willing to talk. Create a win, win, win situation and work together. In every case, one has to have the bigger heart.

Seek to know your partner’s preferences, and be willing to change in accord.

Think of others and the mission as more important than self and be willing to give up your rights for the sake of peace. Mutual decisions are reached by honestly seeing both sides of an issue. Sharing one another's needs, thoughts, and concerns can help alleviate resentment and feelings of being threatened. Or are you to involve with self?

Love is the result of one person in true fellowship with another.

Willingness to compromise is a great leadership trait and promotes team work.

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    Questions to ponder:

  • Is my relationship worth savaging?

  • Why?

  • Can we compromise?

  • What will we do to compromise?

  • What can we do to keep this from happening again?

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