Computer Parents

Come into categories

  1. Literate
  2. Illiterate

Literate Computer Parents teach illiterates, reading and writing skills. The internet has significantly enhanced the ability to do this. What is the literary culture of the American people?

The www host many artists, pro and con. It is filled with predator and prey. What is "the it"?

Would you allow your child, without proper supervision, to go there and play?

Once explained, the consequences in lay, your child would know the internet is not just for play.

Auntee this and anti that as long as you know where they are at. The internet is bringing the learning and teaching experience back home. Take the advantage, a brain and knowledge, a life, is a terrible thing to waste.

What kind of parent would allow their child to run alone, carefree through this vast, vast space; vulnerable, a most likely victim to fall prey.

Where would you start your investigation?

Use your strengths, challenge your weaknesses, Reading and Writing opens a whole new world to you. Click here to learn more.

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