Condemning Africa

Looking for someone else to blame?

Condemning is a furious tone of the speech! Who am I to condemn anything?

Let us take somebody who may not mine us mentioning their title. The Pope condemns African corruption. Coming from the Pope, this is kind of terrorizing, is it not? Now, I am not sure if this really happened this way or not. But just for an example, Why would the Pope or anybody else just "condemn African corruption"? Even more specific, why would anybody just condemn sorcery? That with integrity, magnanimity and compassion Africans could transform their continent, that will work with any continent. Kofi Annan has launched a similar attack. Now look at what you have gone and started?

Do you know what I, he or any one else could be doing instead of condemning? He could be sitting at home, writing on the internet, sharing all the good deeds his organization is doing to combat, World peace and terrorism. What about setting a good example? Being a good steward! Here is my “little dig” with a condemning Pope or anybody else, for that matter? What about homosexuality amongst priests and child molestation? What about abortion, banks, governments, recession, depression, morality, birth control, same sex? What about disease? What about corruption anywhere and everywhere? What does the Pope have to say about Iraq?

Only God can condemn.

Why not start at the source? I can or can not condone but, I can not condemn. You can transform this continent, freeing the people from the whip of greed, violence, disorder and guiding it through the path of those principles that are indispensable to "any modern democracy". Where was the Pope during American Slavery, the Atlantic Slave Trade and during Apartheid In America? A matter of profound shame.

It is easy to tear anything down, but it is a whole nother story to build up. Condoning to help reduce risk and to send a positive signal that partners respect one another. The idea here is to conduct yourself in such a manner that people will "willingly" want to follow.

Which is more prosperous condemning or condoning?

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