Remember when typing used to be a skill for girls and whimps? What happened?

Think about that? Things used to be a lot different? It took confidence back then and it takes confidence today. The thing is we have to figure out how to be a country again. Aim high. What better way than to ask a country boy or girl? Never go back, adjust to compensate and leave plenty of room for improvement. Plenty of Fish/Plenty of Room.

Work with the confidence to accomplish anything you need and want? Let's see if you have what it takes:

Get close with confidence? From where do you get your confidence? I guess if you must ask, then you do not know? What good is having confidence and not using it to its full potential? From where did you get your confidence?

What makes this moment your very best moment ever? It not, then am I slipping? The answer is YOU? Now, do you have the courage or do you need to take something for courage? Taking a little something to relax is alright. Calm assertive. Is smoking a joint how you relax? Relaxation and the ability to successful choose it, no matter where you go or what you do? What about hyper? Well, that's a whole nother level, as long as you can work it out. Relaxation!

Are you offering to partner with anyone, to offer great tips on feeling confident, looking gorgeous, and getting a little closer to that special someone? These are all questions you must confirm. No one else can do it for you.

Take the challenge. Do you even have the confidence to speak to your neighbor? Throw up your hand and bid them a "HAPPY DAY"? If you don't know how, just wish them Happy Days of the Week. My neighbor does that and it makes all the difference. You got to know how to get close and keep it that way. Happy Thursday! It all starts at home, in the hood, hence NeighborHOOD.

Patience is a virtue! Now, that's kicking it to a whole new level. What about suicides? Adults, young adults and children OBESITY? Heck, that's the whole family. Is there a difference between fat and "sloppy fat"? What about skinny and "skin and bones"? Do we know what healthy even looks like any more?

Lighten up on yourself being firm, fair and consistent, Take a chance? No matter how inadequate OR unattractive you may feel; surround yourself with HAPPINESS. Those things bring the best out in you?

KEEP AN INSPIRATION JOURNAL! Now you don't have to look any further, you're in control and keeping score. You can do them at home or online? Which method would benefit you most?


Show The Tools.

So How Are You Doing After All This?

Not as good as you had hoped. Remember the pyramid? There is plenty of room at The Top.

Be and behave YOURSELF!


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