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My mind is bad, you try to be a "do gooder", go above and beyond, and somebody rains on your parade?

You know we talk a lot about conflict and being able to resolve it, here’s one for you? Is grandma responsible for preparing breakfast for your kids, before they go to school? What if she did?

You want your children to eat breakfast at school, but when grandma makes breakfast, they want to eat with grandma? How could that create a conflict? If your kids ate breakfast at grandma’s house, would you mind that? If you didn’t whose problem would that be? Would you tell grandma not to give your children any or would you tell your children not to eat breakfast at grandmas?

If your children wanted and continued to eat anyway, what would you do - conflict?

Would you reprimand grandma, the children, both or none? Somebody has to be responsible? Even if your children were entitled to a breakfast at school, would having a grandma breakfast be offensive to you, as a parent?

Who would you fault grandma, the kids, both, none or your own self? How far would you go to stop your children from eating breakfast at grandma’s? Would you call your husband and ask him to talk to his mother?

What would be the best way to resolve this conflict?

(((your inner

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