Not Knowing

Is it, I will "succeed" or I will fail? Is depression a killer? What auto do I buy, food, house? What contractor do I hire, American or otherwise? Can I depend on social security? Taxes? Salaries? Inflation? Time? Money? Much needed repairs? Why is so much of what I buy made in China? How does East Indians rule? What bible verse do I need now? Where is God? What about my soul? What about prayer? Politics? Equality, do you deserve it?

Voices? Not knowing which way to go or which to listen to first--- then, I know what you mean.

There is always, the ever present "Do Nothing Voice", then there is "the others", "Are you crazy voice", "You can not do that?", "You have got to be saved", "What will others think", "I can get a way with that", "The I voice and on and on... Bottom Line: Nothing is getting done and our work is falling behind.

Let us see, prioritize? It is not so much "what", in as much as it is how "we" do it? This is not a "I" or "me" world. Everything I do or fail to do affects the next man. Who's responsible for this gross state of being confused--Red State/Blue State, republican/democrat, blacks/whites?

Is it good living in a confused state? We are always asking God, but what about ourselves? What does being confused mean?

Voices, to which to you listen, how do you know which to ignore. More than likely, if it is good for all concerned, then it is good for me. I think people really appreciate, "Being True To Themselves". Not the I "can not" figure it out, self", but the "I know what I need to do, self"-- Confident and on time.

Some will not agree, some will not try to understand and some may feel you are obligated to them, if you are, then listen.

People will never understand you until you be yourself. Neither you nor anyone else can appreciate your honesty, effort and contribution. What do you do when nothig is happening? Patience is a virtue. How long is being patient? I do not know, but being prepared is the key and only you know for what. Though many would like to be true unto themselves, fear and greed stands in the way.

I hear people say, they do not like greedy, needy, clingy people, then to whom are you attracted? Who or what do you need?

Remember, you are responsible for the decisions you make and what you do will come right back to You" :-)

Every person has a talent, We Need It, will you help discover it?

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