Cops Fearing For Their Lives

I hope every good cop and justice system member, especially fearing for their lives or safety, read this. It is very important before the fact.

An armed police officer, “Fearing for life and safety” creates “A Trigger Happy Cop”. Healing, dialogue, opinions, and investigations are too late, after the fact and very few people want to die a violent unnecessary death and if things do not turn around violence will prevail.

Have you noticed, alone with the increase in crime, there is an increase in cops and like wise with the increase in cops, there is an increase in crime? Why this? People are scared and the people hired to protect them are scared. Other wise, there would be no need for additional security, out of fear for my safety and security. Cops are being better armed and criminals are becoming more violent. Now the situation is out of control and dangerous, because one fears the other. This is 2008, where will it stop?

One would think things would be happening in the reverse order. The idea is to prevent and discourage crime by creating and maintaining a peaceful environment, minimizing confusion and chaos, in accordance with law and order.

We need, want to appreciate and respect our police officers. Recent incidents, like the acquittal of cops for the brutal murder of Sean Bell, the Philadelphia’s city's Hunting Park neighborhood traffic stop, which ended in an unjustified police beating and other incidents like these, make it harder. Incidents like these demonstrate a lack of any reasonable investigation before police use deadly force, acting out anger and fear.

Police brutality, police stupidity and other incidents like these are on the rise and are happening much too often. These type incidents do a great injustice for cops, the world over, and even further corrupts the justice system. Can you or do you see this happening or do you just see bad children deserve abusive parents?

To would-be criminals, you help send the message, “shoot first and ask questions later”, .

You are getting worse and worse and the justice system is doing all it can to protect your stupid mistakes.

I understand the criminal perspective, but when the keepers of law and order become just as corrupt, what is the difference? What is the use? Two wrongs do not make a right.

Mistakes, when it comes to life and limb, we can not afford mistakes. That is a criminal excuse. Better safe than sorry.

Cops are here to protect the people they serve. How can you be an armed scared trigger happy cop and A PROFESSIONAL, at the same time? There are some inherit risk that come with police work. The first to notice you are too incompetent to properly perform your duties should be your superiors and co-workers. Remember, how you respond directly dictates how the people you serve will respond. When cops fail to give innocent people a chance, people fail to give cops a chance and the criminal becomes the hero. It is a chance we all must take. All people are not like armed scared cops, in that they fear for their lives or safety, especially when they have not committed a crime. Instead, they stand their ground, just like you or any innocent person.

What criminal deserves this kind of justice? No crime committed and POLICE ACQUITTED FOR SHOOTING UNARMED MAN 50 TIMES. A traffic stop where SIXTEEN POLICE OFFICERS PULLED THREE MEN OUT OF THEIR AUTO AND USED EXCESSIVE FORCE TO BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF THEM. The list goes on and on. What does that indicate to you? Cowardly behavior.

I am a hunter and have never fired that many shots to make a kill. I am a soldier and have never fired that many bullets at one target. Where is your tactical strategy when sixteen men converge on one auto? You escalated the situation and the auto could have exploded. Even shooters, who can not shoot, are not allowed to fire that many rounds at one target. High speed chases endanger more lives. When you have radios, phones, planes and cameras why high speed chases? What does that say for your leadership and training? You are making the people you serve come together against you, providing their own security.

We expect criminals to show remorse and courage to admit the truth, confessing to whatever crime they committed, but it seems, as cops, you do not have the guts to do the same? It seems you are above the law and order you are expected to maintain. That is a shame and disgrace.

Do you know you are helping to destroy the American way of life? People distrust and are outraged, terrified, tension is rising and people are demanding police be disarmed. Retaliation begets more retaliation. What does that say about the way you perform your duties? Now, there are problems on both sides of the fence.

Do you know a Judge can not save you? No matter how many times you are acquitted—People rule, People are the power, people are your reason and we all must pay for the crimes we commit.

It takes courage to be a good police person, just as it does to be a good soldier. You may have to perform exceptional acts of bravery. Any police officer, fearing for their lives or safety, should find a new means of employment. Further, there should be regular scheduled test and procedures to ensure these kind of officers are not allowed to work in any field allowing or requiring them to be armed. There is nothing more dangerous than an armed scared cop or any person.

Cops, law and order is your responsibility, to protect and serve the community within you live. To minimize confusion, chaos and maintain a peaceful environment. That requires courage.

Our justice system must stop aiding and defending our cops under, "Fearing for safety and security of our lives" because that is exactly what we speak into existence.

I hope you appreciate my candor and honesty. Better safe than sorry.

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