Courage Behind Screens

Courage behind screens! Some can stand in front of a camera and do amazing things? Others put on a badge and do amazing things, but as normal people, what amazing things can we do? The problem is when these things do not pass the common sense test?

Is a closed door a screen? What about what you do in the dark and the light? Who gives a shit about the light?

What is your screen? What's holding you back, down, up, what's keeping your from where you wanna be? What screens stand in your way - job, education, race, money, gender?

What keeping you from being you?

What's wrong with you, as if you do not already know? Are we babies crying for nothing? Do you not know what is wrong with your child?

I do not know, take him to the doctor.

Doctor, Doctor, what wrong with my child? Are the children so is the parents? Are the parents so are the children? What wrong with you?

Ever said to someone, nasty ass and they said check your own ass? It is amazing how we scuffle everyday for nothing? You break your back and they ride like hell? It is enough to make you want to give up?

You got nothing, they have eveything, so they say, but they throw you peanuts? Some really do not know any better? They would know if they had a nice yard or not? They are always looking at what they can get from somebody else, scuffling for nothing?

Then, they hit, due they owe you anything? Does anybody ever owe anybody anything? What do I owe you? Do you know how some people get mad with you because you are not mad at the same people as they? Is that a party?

What kind of courage do you get behind screens?

Thinking about people?

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