Covenant Of Our Ancestors

I do not know, What do you think

The way we live, it does not matter any how? If there is anyone who cares, is it too late?

Here is what life has taught me, "To live without a covenant is dangerous, to live the life of a heathen. It is a choice not to live, respect and protect us from ourselves and to prepare for future generations.

Our first covenant must be established as a covenant between "self" for "Self respect--Respect of person.

Our second covenant must be established between ourselves and those by whom we are surrounded. Well, if you respect yourself, you certainly would hope that people would respect you.

Before burial, we need to have a good non-threatening means of communications to communicate our covenant. So people will understand that we are not heathens, but more about us and our righteous intentions.

Now my ancestors lived, as best as they could, according to The Good Book and was somewhat governed by the constitution. They saw it as a means to a good end. They struggled to be able to enjoy the full benefits of both. They did that so today, we would have respect for them and build upon those principles for future generations.

Today, though many attend church to make-up, that is not nearly what is required and just as the meaning of our covenant has been lost, so are our souls. We are to live by our covenant, whether you ever go into a church or not. Further, others would like to see it as an individual thing, established between our favorites to help keep us divided and for personal gain. Our politicians, in an effort to remain in the good graces of the rich and famous have compromised themselves and our covenant. They have sold us out.

We need to pickup our covenant to live by from somewhere and your guess is as good as mine.

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