Your friend had a serious bout with lung cancer and after treatment, no more cancer cells were found.

You come to crossroads in life. Every body wants to get to theirs. They are the most dangerous points in life. Young and vibrant, you can decide, obey the law and/or, common sense may prevail. Not even A split second and it is over.

During the process of treating, what has evolved to be chronic illness, you just learned your first born has cancer; bone cancer and things appear that they will not get better for him. Flash back! For five long years you and your significant other learn to live with cancer and your first born, is your teacher.

In a flash chemo, radiation and surgeries may kill the cancer. You wonder why you. He passes and then, you and your wife have three more beautiful children and a long healthy life, when your doctor breaks the news that a large mass, the size of great fruit, has been found and in her stomach. Further, the mass may be cancerous.


What do you do? How can you help? You have the answer for everything else, why don't you have the answer for yourself.

At the CrossRoads, Live and help live.

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