Cultural war

Why must you fight? Reasons to die and reasons to live

For whom, where do join up to fight this war?

I've been there, i've done that and now? Does it mean your own people are against you? Is it that only you know? And why did you say you are going to the military again?

Politicians, leaders trying to run away, block access to basic health needs and services, while at the same time attempting to blame.

What culture could be against me, what people? Why?

He paid for radio ads, wrote a newspaper column, taped a video, and did numerous interviews all talking about his threatens to women. Now people are outraged, he wants to change the subject - job creation.

How much will this long, drawn-0ut, nasty presidential primary cost us - the opportunity to expand power. This is how easy things can get out of hand.

What’s bad news for one is good news for another - another NO WIN SITUATION, more disappointment and depression. How can you stop fighting? How can you make peace?

What you gon do? Who are you following? YOu'll just take it as it comes. So you already know what's it's goning to be. Why don't you just say, "you don't give a shit"? Does Mr. Obama know that?

Reasons to die and reasons to live?

(((your inner

Cultural sensitivity

Cultural awareness

Cumulative impact


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