A Life full of Danger and Deceit

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courage, strength and ability

Do you need someone to represent you, why? During the organizational process, representation started out being a "good thing". Since, representation has turn itself into a life full of increasing danger and deceit. On top of that, afraid and dismayed, a people has been sucked of their courage, strength and ability to act. Where is wisdom?

Representatives, are they doing a good job? Lawyers, doctors, religions and politicians have made themselves indispensible professions, which without, you cannot live. Unsolicited, they want to be there before you need them?

Insurance, cell phones, credit companies, how gullible are you? We have mandatory insurance but no mandatory health care? We have the very best treatment, but no cure? We are still peddling remedies with extravagant claims to prolong life and cure impotency. Don’t tell me you did not know these kinds of things were still going on.

With the advance of civilization comes an unsustainable figure. Critically endangered is too often our excuse; we’ll do just about anything to survive.

Competition is so fierce, making life even more difficult, with competitors watching your every move. Gung-ho to please our bosses, we cook the books knowing the war can’t be won, while the government is lying about our successful campaign.

Money and power, our children are allowed to run without discipline. That doesn’t generate a warm reception, especially knowing the best things in life are free.

Time never stops and the dead comes back to life, as we enjoy our favorite pass time, fighting. Here, your every move means the difference between death and life.

In a life full with danger, all seeds come rapped in fertilizer.

I have the wisdom to choose my thoughts, words and actions, be strong and of good courage, and act.

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