Dare to be different!

Dare to care!

Do most people go along with the program - life, business or politics as usual? Well, if we did, life would be pretty boring would not it? Is that exactly what is happening?

But it seems we have created and are following this system of self-destruction and everybody seems to be going along with the program. Just to make a long story short, would we have come to this end if our systems were any good?

So you say, it is not the system but the people and how they manipulate the system? Then, what should we do?

I say "dare to be different" and prove success that way.

I am different enough but I need a few more dollars. So how will I do that?

I am tightening up on my goals and my behavior. I am dead set and determine to prove I am worthy. Committment and discipline, I know I can do it.

I know I am on the right track, but staying on track? My website is a pretty good way to track myself.

As tough has life is, people you allow in your life can make all the difference, just depends on what they want? Be careful of those who are not sure of what they want and those who want nothing. They can bring lots of unnecessary drama, which disstracts from the scheme of things.

They ain't going to do shit, they ain't going to help you do shit. That is the low class ghetto bunch. That is one side of the spectrum. Then there are those upper class holy rollers, they are taking advantage of everybody, the Bernie Madoffs, Fannie Maes and Freddie Macks, Politians, Churches, the government...? I guess we have more enemies than friends. I am not angry but that is exactly what I see. What has happened to all the wealth we created thus far? Most folk just don't give a shit and that is who we have in key positions. Go back to school for what, if you haven't learned by now, you never will. Does life revolve around our education system or does our education system revolve around our lives? We have more educated professionals than ever before in the history of our country and what difference has it made? What is the current quality of life in your neighborhood? Is it quantity or quality? What good is it when 50 million can while 250 million cannot?

We are constantly depending on someone else for our quality of life. It is sad to say, but even sadder when not said. We have got to do better and it is up to the people to create a better quality of life. So I look forward to meeting more people with a good quality of life. Dare to care, Dare to be different.

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I know, most people do not know what would encompass a good quality of life. To have a good quality of life, avoid these at all costs: Seven Deadly Sins

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